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bad-reviewsI know what you must be thinking. How could negative reviews possibly be beneficial to your business?

It is important to understand how customers perceive a list of reviews. While one negative review stands out to you as a business owner, customers will not disregard a slew of positive reviews just because one person had a poor experience.

Do not fear negative feedback! Bad reviews are a normal part of doing business. When handled properly, they can provide validity to your online reputation, as well as opportunities for progress and problem solving.

I want to show you three ways that negative reviews can be valuable to your business’s success.

1. Provide legitimacy.

legitimacyHaving a mix of positive and negative reviews shows prospective clients that the reviews are real. Although it is wonderful to have a happy clientele that spreads the word about your great service, it could make your reputation appear to be “too good to be true.” Some may even draw conclusions that your reviews must be written by employees or that they might be paid for.

Consumers may trust a business more when they can see a few negative reviews here and there that are handled properly by the owner/manager. This allows them to see potential problems (because we are all human), make a decision, and feel confident about that decision.

2. Room to improve.

Negative reviews could reveal areas where your business has room for improvement. This feedback is valuable information for you and your potential customers. Consistent comments will show customers what to expect, while showing you what to work on.

3. Opportunity.

While a glowing review may boost your overall rating online, a negative review provides the opportunity to change that customer’s experience. Being responsive to the customer and making an effort to rectify their situation can turn a negative experience into a positive one! Being responsive could also assure potential customers that the negative situation will not be repeated.


Business owners and employees alike should always be open to improving customer experience. Customer feedback is important to the success of your business. Make sure that your employees understand your customer service goals and are rewarded for providing excellent service. Listen to and interact with your customers to achieve the positive online reputation that you strive for.

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