Are you tired of all those Snap Chat memories blasting into outer space after the second preview?  Well, thank goodness we’re not the only one! There’s only so much room on our cell phones to hold all those memories, right?

Memories, released by Snapchat in early July 2016, is the solution to this problem. You can now see your personal collection of your saved moments by swiping up from the camera screen to reveal the “memories.”

The fun things you can do with this app and its daily array of changing filters is something that you’ll want to experience for yourself. The app itself has extended into the realms of marketing as a fun new way to market your product. This could also mean a new and fresh advertising approach for an old advertising campaign.

Take a look at the following community / city Snaps for a great example of how communities and the people that live there are using Snapchat as a content creator.  Learn more about Geofilters on Snapchat.