To invite all your friends to like your Facebook business page! Yes or No? Inviting your friends to like your Facebook Page is the greatest way to kick start your business off on Facebook for sure.

Is it a good idea to invite them all? I personally think not!

Some friends may not have filters and forget that this is your business page and act like it is your personal page and write inappropriate comments. This can be quite damaging to your Business, Facebook Page and yourself.

There is a “delete post” button that enables you to remove inappropriate comments but you don’t want to be doing this every time a friend comments inappropriately. I am not talking about negative comments from your likers as that is part and parcel of running your own business. Hopefully you won’t ever have to deal with a negative Liker.

If you want to invite all your friends then do so, as there is no right or wrong, but make them aware it is your business page and that comments will be deleted if not suitable for your page and audience. Its ok to have a joke on your page as you don’t want it to be serious business talk all the time. Everyone loves a bit of humour and a great joke.

I will give you an example of a comment that could have gone the wrong way. I manage a fitness page for a Personal Trainer and a post I wrote was “If I gave you a banana what would you put with it?   Banana and ……….”

A friend of the personal trainer wrote 2 comments. First one “You don’t want me to answer that (tagged PTs name). then the 2nd post was “Are you asking me where to put it”? The first post is ok but then the 2nd post was starting to get a little dirty and before someone else could comment even further we decided to delete it as it was open to others to comment rudely and inappropriately.

Don’t get me wrong we both had a chuckle at the comment but your Facebook business page isn’t about you, it is about your followers. If you don’t know all your followers personally and not sure how they would react to comments like the above or anything relating to religion, racism etc then hit that delete button.

I hear you say that some friends have liked your page without inviting them. That’s great! If one of these friends do post inappropriate comments then nip it in the bud straight away and let them know you have deleted their post and for what reason. Your friend will understand.

You definitely need your friends to help kick you off on Facebook but you also need to ensure you have selected the friends who will do the right thing and elevate your business correctly. Now go and invite some friends.