Let Pinterest go to work for you with the “Buy It” pin.

Pinterest is a fun way to explore all the things you love and dream of owning one day. But the marketing aspect of Pinterest has changed dramatically over the course of a few years, and we want to decipher for clients the changes that have occurred, and how they are working harder for your business.

The first installment of this series will cover the “Buy It” pin.


Perhaps you’ve noticed the little blue “Buy It” button positioned at the top next to your familiar “Pin It” button. This blue button was introduced in the summer of 2015 and allows the pinner to buy the item they just fell in love with.

There are many advantages of using this pinning option, but we see two major advantages for small business owners.

  • More exposure for your niche market or small business:

As an entrepreneur, if you’re operating an online boutique, this consumer friendly button invites new buyers to shop your entire catalogue of merchandise. The pinner is a client that typically would have been harder to reach through your Etsy account, eBay or Blog, but they’ve just found an item they love from your pin and placed their order. You have reached a new audience and invited them to shop your other “Pins.”

  • Your small business stands a better chance of reaching a global audience through Pinterest:

We all understand the impact from the World Wide Web, but to a small business owner, selling your merchandise tailored to a unique clientele can be difficult to market. With Pinterest, sharing Pins through multiple pages’ equals more exposure to your product through their friends, and on down the line. This provides for a ready-made network of like-minded people.

This is especially true for the artist who may have small website and are unable to market through larger networks.

More exposure creates a buzz around your merchandise. Pinterest allows for your product to reach a more specific client, which in turn, helps your business meet the business goals you’re working so hard to achieve. Ask us for more information about how the “Buy It” pin has worked for our clients.