Did you know that Pinterest teaches marketing experts and business owners how to create “rich” pins and track the progress of pins throp-interestugh analytics? They do and your board followers would benefit by using both tools on your pin board.

First, ask your marketing or advertising agency if they are using rich pins. If not, ask for the service ahead of time because they will need to use their developing and IT skills to get started.

To provide a better understanding of “rich pinning,”, we will explain the areas of how the pins are created and how they will work for your business.

Pinterest allows rich pinning in six categories, including: apps, movie, recipe, articles, product and place.

Here’s an idea of the capabilities in each “rich” category:

App pins allow pinners to read more and download your app without ever leaving Pinterest. Pinners can promote and download your app straight from their pin board it appears on. Useful for anyone that has an app for their business.

Product rich pins can work in conjunction with your blue “Buy It” pins and the app pin because they list real time pricing of your product.

Movie and recipe rich pins are pins you may have found useful because they reach a broad audience and don’t necessarily mean you’re seeking a product to purchase.

This include when you find a pin related to a movie and see the rating; or when you see an interesting recipe and find that the recipe is listed along with the pin itself. These are both good examples of commonly used rich pins.

Article pins when using the rich pinning format include the beginning portion of the article and allow the pinner to save them in order to create a reading list. Using rich article pins may be something to consider trying if your website has a blog.

Rich place pins include the location, or place, mapping of the pin. For instance, if you pin your favorite store front, the rich pin will include the location on a map. This type of pin would be most useful for any business with a storefront, industrial, retail or restaurant.


Wouldn’t you love to know what pinners perused on your board most and how / where your pins were shared?

Analysis of your Pin board works in conjunction with your business account to provide the best and most effective way to help promote your business. The marketing firm or advertising agency you chose to work your social media are able to provide you with their Pinterest Analytic Report.

The report contains information about what pins are working and how pinners are interacting with the pins posted to your boards.

Such as, are they following the pin to your website? Are the pinners repining your pins?

The report also contains information about the most popular pins on your board.

Ask Socialize Your Bizness today about using rich pins and how to see your Pinterest Analytic report.