By Dez Duran-Lamanilao


The digital world has been a witness to the viral successes of brand videos from various industries. As a result, their audience, especially those consumers they wish to appeal to, are beginning to acknowledge each brand’s strengths to the powerful image it portrays in the video.

According to AdAge’s viral video chart dated June 18, 2018, here are the top three video ads that generated the highest view counts on their weekly chart, reflecting both organic views started by consumers and paid views that came from ad placements. The number of YouTube views have been updated as of this writing (and still counting):

  1. LG Innovation Story which features LG’s film as the company celebrates its 21st anniversary – more than 113 million views

  2. LG Nano Cell Super Challenge which features the LG Super UHD TV – more than 94 million views
  3. Heart of a Lio for the Gatorade brand – more than 19 million views.

What made these videos stand out from the crowd? Each is unique on its own, but the end-goal of each brand is the same: to reach out to their audience and send their message across, such that it makes a huge difference in the market’s perception of the brand.

Here are a few tips that could play a crucial role when coming up with an engaging video for your brand:

  • Capitalizing on something very basic might make the video more memorable and shareable. Consumers love to be able to relate to the story as it gives them a sense of belongingness.
  • Experimenting first on an idea and observing the responses of your initial audience. This could pave the way for a more effective video marketing strategy.
  • Putting a face to the brand has been a time-tested strategy that marketers always include in their plans. Whether you are just starting to establish your brand, or you have already gotten a fair share of the market, a popular and reliable face promoting your brand can add wonders to your sales.
  • Ads that give “the feels” invoke empathy and a convincing story may influence buying decisions.
  • Choosing to ad humor to the video, depending on what the brand wants to achieve, can give life to an otherwise mundane day of your viewer. This may result to conversion if properly executed.

The importance of a video script cannot be also ignored. It sets the tone and pace of your ad and identifies how you can focus that spotlight on your product. And make your brand matter. Just the way it should.