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Founded April 13, 2014

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About Us

home-grown marketing and advertising agency established by Cindy Ross

Marketing your brand online is a full-time job. Getting the attention your brand deserves and gaining followers through natural methods doesn’t happen overnight. In our organic world, growing and cultivating isn’t just for farmers anymore – it’s for marketing agencies too.

Socialize Your Bizness(SYB) is a home-grown advertising agency, established by Cindy Ross in Mobile, Alabama in 2014. We’re a full-service agency specializing in brand development through social media marketing.

SYB is passionate about developing and marketing authentic content for your organic business growth. We appreciate your vision and your ideas and won’t try to change them; unless they’re stale and moldy, like three-week-old bread. Energetic, with fresh ideas, we are inspired by the three big B’s: beach, boating, and bears.

Graphic Design
Website Design
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
Search Engine Optmization
Google Ads
Facebook / Instagram Ads

Look at Our Numbers

Fast 5 Views

34K Fast 5 views each week. Learn more about Fast 5 Here

Miles Traveled

27.5K Miles traveled since Jan 2016

Bottles of Wine

421 Bottles of wine consumed since Jan 2016

Unique Client Visitors

32K Unique Website Visitors this month on our client’s page.

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Our Team

Our Team

We don’t hire just anyone to work on your account—Basically, if you were trained by Warhol, Scorsese, or Beyoncé send us your resume'.

Cindy Lane Ross
Cindy Lane Ross
President and CEO

Social media maven, Cindy Ross understands how to successfully market your business online and produce positive results. With SYB, she has created a fun and savvy team of creatives who go above and beyond for their clients. Claiming to be retired from the fitness industry, Cindy has helped thousands of businesses throughout the Southeast grow their businesses from the ground up and build their brand online. You can follow Cindy on the SYB sister site, Stash Your Bag, where she is currently the travel agent extraordinaire. Follow the Destination of the Day and learn more about her travel experiences and read where Cindy provides tips on where to stay, play, eat, dance and pack your bag.

Meet Our Team
Meet Our Team
Social Media Managers, Analytics, Web Designers and more

VISIT OUR TEAM PAGE! We love our team of dedicated social media experts at Socialize Your Bizness. Each person has their own personality and they’re ready to learn more about the changing world of marketing. The internet really does connect us.

Our success depends on the success of our customers

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30365 Ono North Loop W, Orange Beach, AL 36561
Call us: 251-635-7477 – Email us:


We will grow your business organically through your social media accounts and to carry out our mission, we will leverage your website with supped up SEO and SEM.

Clean Design

We can also build you a new website, even if you don’t have a vision. We can take your ideas, generate content & graphics and create a brand new website to represent your business online.


We will make your current website look way better than it currently does, and for a better price than you probably paid for it in the first place.


New or old website, we’ll pepper it up with SEO that can’t be stopped. Search Engine Optimization helps you generate organic traffic and real leads. Its never too late to get started on SEO.


Management: If you get a bad review or someone is out there giving you a bad rap, we’ve got your back. Enjoy a quick resolution to this unsightly review with our reputation management services. We understand the reach that comments, reviews, likes and shares get and know how to increase it.


A blog isn’t just a great bathroom reader, it’s a marketing asset that will continue to drive traffic back to your website. Just think of this—how many times do you click on a story from a Facebook page where you’re taken to a blog? The story is so great that you take a peek at the website. Many of us have discovered great web-content this way. No matter what, everyone needs to read sometimes.

What we offer?


There is nothing more awesome than Ideas represented by graphics. Let us blow your mind with our logo design. (Our designers always appreciate our client’s expression on reveal day.)


Yes Cindy Ross was a television celebrity for years and does have connections. Including videographers and scripting writing that will help you shine under the bright lights. Get ready for your close-up

Email marketing

Just when your customers have forgotten all about how awesome your business is, blast them with one of our creative and high performing newsletters.


Our photographers know how to capture your moment and can photograph anything from a cheeseburger to a grizzly catching fish mid-air while standing on the edge of a waterfall.

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30365 Ono North Loop W, Orange Beach, AL 36561
Call us: 251-635-7477 – Email us:


Best way to show your hard work

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30365 Ono North Loop W, Orange Beach, AL 36561
Call us: 251-635-7477 – Email us:


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