For an entrepreneur, trying to find time to work a marketing campaign can lead to a passive effort while promoting the product. It’s a long road to travel just to learn that productivity can be the key to your marketing success.

The difference between productivity and multitasking is that these two beasts play on completely separate fields in terms of marketing. Productivity is a well thought out plan of action where each step is considered. Multitasking is setting both ends of the burning stick on fire because you have too much on your plate, and you’re trying to get it all done. We know about both because we learned the hard way as young entrepreneurs.

In productivity, there’s no rhyme, reason, or room for multitasking because your campaign requires you to focus on promoting your product and nothing else. The marketing campaign you’ve designed for your product deserve nothing less than your full attention, and not a half-thought which is what you’d allow for multitasking. Don’t you agree?

If we can give you back just 15 minutes of the time you need to make your first or second year a success, then we will.


1. Asana- Keep your to-do list in check and readily managed wherever you are. We use this app to communicate with what each member of the SYB team is working on for the day. This helps us reach our goal quickly and efficiently.

Added feature of the app is that team members can add to their own list as the day or campaign progresse


2. Pocket- You know all those articles you want to read during the week but don’t have time to? Put them in your Pocket and save for when you have time to catch up on your reading.


3. Evernote- The biggest recommendation on this list is Evernote. If a writer can plot, plan and design a complete novel using this app then why wouldn’t it work for your marketing campaign.

The app has the ability to capture and save information that you find on the internet; take photos and save them to your campaign folder; make to-do lists and collaborate with a group / your staff.